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EcoVillage at Ithaca is part of a global movement of people seeking to create positive solutions to the social, environmental and economic crises our planet faces. Since 1991 we have developed an award-winning ecovillage that invites you to live, learn and grow. Our mission is to promote experiential learning about ways of meeting human needs for shelter, food, energy, livelihood and social connectedness that are aligned with the long-term health and viability of Earth and all its inhabitants.

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From the Archives, Fall 1995: EcoVillage Breaks Ground

By Mary Webber.    Photos: Bill Webber With parades and piping, drumming and speechmaking, ground was broken for the first neighborhood of the EcoVillage CoHousing Cooperative in Ithaca, NY. The event attracted over 200 persons, including the members of the thirty households who will be its first residents. A huge Mother Earth puppet, created by […]

2nd Net Zero Energy Workshop: a Big Success!

“Well presented, knowledgeable speakers, tours were excellent,” said one architect. “I appreciated the participation of the attendees who are actively involved in design and construction,” said another. These were just a few of the positive comments by participants in the September 28 and 29th workshop, “What it Takes: Net-Zero Energy Building Design” held at EcoVillage […]

TREE Neighborhood : Almost Complete!

While it’s been a long journey, we’re excited that construction of the Third Residential EcoVillage Experience (TREE) will soon be finished. The earliest conversations about starting a third neighborhood at EcoVillage Ithaca  (EVI) first took place in 2007. In 2008, a worldwide economic crisis cut into the group’s plans severely. Half of the TREE group […]