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EcoVillage at Ithaca is part of a global movement of people seeking to create positive solutions to the social, environmental and economic crises our planet faces. Since 1991 we have developed an award-winning ecovillage that invites you to live, learn and grow. Our mission is to promote experiential learning about ways of meeting human needs for shelter, food, energy, livelihood and social connectedness that are aligned with the long-term health and viability of Earth and all its inhabitants.

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All About Kestrel Perch Berries at EVI

We’re here talking with Katie Creeger, owner of Kestrel Perch berries at EVI, to learn more about her farm. LEARN: What is different about the way Kestrel Perch operates compared to other area berry farms? KC: Well, when I first started Kestrel Perch about ten years ago, it was the only U-pick farm we knew […]

Guys Baking Pies happens again in August!

For 18 years the guys at EcoVillage at Ithaca have baked pies for the community. It’s a tradition that started when a couple of friends picked gallons of wild blackberries on the EVI land. What to do with them? Why, make pies and invite the community to eat them, of course!  And so it was […]

Dynamic Governance: Best Practices for Co-Housing and Not-for-Profit Organizations, November 6-8, 2015

This engaging and practical 2 to 3-day training (last day optional), sponsored by Learn@Ecovillage, will cover the principles and practices of Dynamic Governance (D G, aka Sociocracy) through verbal, visual, and hands-on demonstrations and exercises. Jerry Koch Gonzalez will guide participants through simulated DG Circles, decision-making by consent, and many other aspects of this method. […]