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EcoVillage at Ithaca is part of a global movement of people seeking to create positive solutions to the social, environmental and economic crises our planet faces. Since 1991 we have developed an award-winning ecovillage that invites you to live, learn and grow. Our mission is to promote experiential learning about ways of meeting human needs for shelter, food, energy, livelihood and social connectedness that are aligned with the long-term health and viability of Earth and all its inhabitants.

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DROUGHT and the Farmer

Climate change impacts us all, but the erratic weather it brings is especially hard on farmers, all over the world. Here in the Finger Lakes region of upstate NY, we are known for abundant water. So the recent dry spell with just 12% of the usual rain for the first two months of the growing […]

Piloting Dynamic Governance

by Mark Piechota LEARN has planted the seed, and it is sprouting in the TREE neighborhood! Over the past few years LEARN has been helping EcoVillage expand its understanding of how cohousing communities might organize and govern themselves more efficiently, more transparently and more kindly. Spearheaded by TREE resident Luigi Morelli and a small number […]

When Our Friends in Community Need Long-term Care

By Martha Stettinius Imagine…living in a home you love…in a neighborhood you love…throughout your growing older years. From go-go healthy aging through the Deep Aging™ years when need and frailty could dictate a move to a nursing home…imagine instead living in the bosom of your community. Is that possible? Having helped care for aging parents, […]