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Reconnecting in a Cohousing Community

Written by Anna Lebedeva Moving to the EcoVillage Ithaca in New York was one of the best decisions Laura Beck ever made. “We have ponds to swim in and to ice skate on in winter. We have walking trails running all over our land,

Powerful Song by former EcoVillager

Marcie Boyd, one of the founding residents of EcoVillage, is a talented singer-songwriter who teaches English as a second language to immigrants. She now lives in California.This is her response to the inauguration.

Whole-hearted Courage

Elan Shapiro’s greeting at the Martin Luther King Breakfast on Jan 14, 2017 Tikkun V’Or Congregation is honored to have this opportunity to share our commitment to creating beloved community with the amazing people and gro

New Energy in SoNG

Article by Jim Bosjolie In the past few months five households have changed ownership in SoNG which has brought new enthusiasm into the neighborhood and led to new thinking and exciting ideas. These include additional (and delic

Cleaning Up Junked Cars

By Jim Bosjolie and Ray Vanek-Johnson A few years ago, a teenager from EcoVillage Ithaca (EVI) noticed that a lot of litter marred the beautiful EVI land beyond our homes, detritus left behind in the fields and forests by the acre

Piloting Dynamic Governance

by Mark Piechota LEARN has planted the seed, and it is sprouting in the TREE neighborhood! Over the past few years LEARN has been helping EcoVillage expand its understanding of how cohousing communities might organize and govern t

When Our Friends in Community Need Long-term Care

By Martha Stettinius Imagine…living in a home you love…in a neighborhood you love…throughout your growing older years. From go-go healthy aging through the Deep Aging™ years when need and frailty could dictate a move to a

2016 Maypole Celebration

After being on hiatus four long years due to Construction of TREE, the Maypole celebration has returned better than ever. The Community Life Committee took responsibility for its revival including selection of a new pole, a place

New documentary short film by young Eco-Village resident

Ecovillage at Ithaca: A Community Life Film by: Zacc Charvolin Synopsis: Ecovillage at Ithaca: A Community Life describes the community life of residents at Ecovillage at Ithaca or EVI. EVI is an intentional community that is fo

Why I Came To Live at EcoVillage, Ithaca

by Jay Smith In the vast expanse of the cosmos, earth is a rare, stunning marvel. Life—abundant and exuberant—is its rare, astonishing miracle. Part of that miracle is how life is formed and informed by direct and indirect tra