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Net-Zero Workshop (May 15 and May 16)

Want to Learn What it Takes to Achieve Net-Zero? professional workshop offered by Taitem Engineering, EcoVillage Ithaca, & US Green Building Council Monday, May 15, and Tuesday, May16, 2017 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (each day) 21

Cohousing Infographic

Want to learn more information about Cohousing? The graphic below explores the history, obstacles, advantages and positive impact on the environment, among other key benefits associated with this way of living. Take a look below b

Powerful Song by former EcoVillager

Marcie Boyd, one of the founding residents of EcoVillage, is a talented singer-songwriter who teaches English as a second language to immigrants. She now lives in California.This is her response to the inauguration.

West Haven Farmers Take a Well-deserved Break

Dear West Haven CSA members, We’ve been operating a CSA since 1992, wow!  It feels like a long time.  It IS a long time!  There’s a whole generation of West Haven CSA babies out there, some of them have grown up to work on

Growing a New Neighborhood Continues In All Seasons

By Frank Muller Winter in the northeast is often the season when growing things take a rest. Creatures like bears, bats, chipmunks, groundhogs, snakes, and even bees go into hibernation. Trees, shrubs and perennials enter a dorman

New Energy in SoNG

Article by Jim Bosjolie In the past few months five households have changed ownership in SoNG which has brought new enthusiasm into the neighborhood and led to new thinking and exciting ideas. These include additional (and delic

Want to Save Energy? Eat Together.

By Liz Walker (photo by Jim Bosjolie) Adriane Wolfe is an action-oriented entrepreneur. When she has a good idea, she pursues it with enthusiasm. For her master’s degree in energy systems engineering, she researched electri

New EVI Plant Nursery

By Jim Grant (photos by Jim Bosjolie) Since EcoVillage Ithaca (EVI) was established 25 years ago on our 175-acre property, one of our constant concerns has been the proper stewardship of our land.  Our desire to live in closely