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Knowing our neighbors, living simply on the earth, and putting down roots.
Join a cohousing village where neighbors work and play together
and where the skies are wide and open.


Tree Construction

A group is currently meeting to create a sustainable, fulfilling way of living.  The neighborhood, to be finished in 2014, is located on a beautiful hilltop close to woodland, the first two EVI neighborhoods, and to a planned educational facility.

The TREE group is excited about Jerry Weisburd's designs, many of which appear on this website.

Trails for walking and cross-country skiing and a pond for swimming are nearby. Parking will be at the edges of the community to encourage interactions among neighbors and to allow our children to play safely.


We will live in community with EVI's first and second neighborhoods, and will be close to an organic CSA (community-sustained agriculture) farm and berry field run by residents of EcoVillage.

We aspire to live simply, reducing costs while making ecologically responsible and non-toxic choices. We hope to cultivate a sense of enoughness that allows us to focus on non-material assets.  We envision having time for the work that matters to each of us while enjoying our homes and each other.  We will work to include people with diverse needs, abilities, backgrounds, and finances.

We plan to be a neighborhood of 40 homes designed to accommodate different-sized households and will have both shared and private gardens and other outdoor spaces.

Our homes will include:
  • Passive solar and other alternative energy sources
  • Sustainably-produced non-toxic materials
  • Water-saving storage and reuse features
  • Accessibility for those with special needs
  • Attractive exteriors

TREE currently meets each month at EcoVillage to continue planning our neighborhood. Visitors may come to our meetings with advance notice, and we welcome new members.  Please explore this website for more details. Information about our meeting schedule, membership, driving directions and much more is accessible via the menu at the top of this page.



Standing like a tree with our roots dug deep
our branches wide and open