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EcoVillage at Ithaca is part of a global movement of people seeking to create positive solutions to the social, environmental and economic crises our planet faces. Since 1991 we have developed an award-winning ecovillage that invites you to live, learn and grow. Our mission is to promote experiential learning about ways of meeting human needs for shelter, food, energy, livelihood and social connectedness that are aligned with the long-term health and viability of Earth and all its inhabitants.

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In Remembrance of Arlene Muzyka, June 15, 1947 – June 7, 2020

To remember Arlene is to know a woman of multiple talents, skills and accomplishments – a musician, an artist, a professional who planned medical conferences all over the world, a dedicated worker and fund raiser for non profits, and her most heart felt accomplishment – working at assisting Liz Walker at Learn at EcoVillage. Here […]

Interview: It Takes a Village

Check out this audio interview (begins 16:45) with Liz Walker, co-founder of EcoVillage at Ithaca, It Takes a Village by Constant Wonder. Popping up around the globe, co-housing projects are communities intentionally designed to be ecologically and socially sustainable. Take a listen to learn more about what life is like in ours.

Exciting New Direction for LEARN: Gap Program

Exciting New Direction for LEARN: Gap Year  Program By Liz Walker It was the last day of a very full, five-day immersion experience for the ten students from SUNY Potsdam. The diverse group had bonded over cooking meals, learning conflict resolution skills, working in the farm’s greenhouse, and building a shed door. That morning, during a […]