Bloomberg Businessweek visits EcoVillage in new article

Businessweek Features EcoVillage in their new article:

From Shared Values to Shared Quarters: Scandinavian-style co-housing is gaining traction among boomers.

“The rhythms of EcoVillage Ithaca echo those of any small upstate New York town. On a recent weekday morning, three home-schooled boys whiz by on bikes. A woman adds topsoil to raised beds of spinach and kale, rejoicing that the plants survived the winter.

But this isn’t just another sprawling residential development. EcoVillage is a planned co-housing community whose 240 residents share kitchens, car rides, and a commitment to sustainable living. Born in Denmark in the 1970s, the co-housing concept has been gaining ground in the U.S., where more than 150 such communities exist…”