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A New Garden Grows!

Article and photos by Frank Muller Two years ago  I moved into the TREE neighborhood.  While I was leaving the best vegetable garden I had grown in decades,  I looked forward to joining a community food growing effort at Eco-Vi

A Pathway into the Heart of the Natural World

By Jim Grant One of the most critical features of our human march towards oblivion is our lack of connection with the natural world.  We call it “the environment,” a term which points to ‘where it is’ (i.e., surrounding u

Growing a New Neighborhood Continues In All Seasons

By Frank Muller Winter in the northeast is often the season when growing things take a rest. Creatures like bears, bats, chipmunks, groundhogs, snakes, and even bees go into hibernation. Trees, shrubs and perennials enter a dorman

New EVI Plant Nursery

By Jim Grant (photos by Jim Bosjolie) Since EcoVillage Ithaca (EVI) was established 25 years ago on our 175-acre property, one of our constant concerns has been the proper stewardship of our land.  Our desire to live in closely

Addressing Food Justice: A Visit to Soul Fire Farm.

By Jay Smith (photos by Dawn Montanye) “Justice” is a word—like “love,” “health,” “intelligence,” “happiness,” and “sustainability”—that bears close scrutiny when used.  Combined with the noun “

DROUGHT and the Farmer

Climate change impacts us all, but the erratic weather it brings is especially hard on farmers, all over the world. Here in the Finger Lakes region of upstate NY, we are known for abundant water. So the recent dry spell with just

The Buzz about Bees

A local bee keeper, Gill Menda, has a number of bee hives at Kestrel Perch berries on EcoVillage land. Jim Bosjolie of Learn@EcoVillage recently spoke to Gill about his business. LEARN: First of all, what is your background and wh

Planting Chestnuts for the Future

By Pat Evans On a frigid November morning, 31 adults and 9 children joined together on EcoVillage land to plant 51 chestnut trees, provide them with protection from hungry critters, and mulch the trees for winter.  Akiva Silver o

All About Kestrel Perch Berries at EVI

We’re here talking with Katie Creeger, owner of Kestrel Perch berries at EVI, to learn more about her farm. LEARN: What is different about the way Kestrel Perch operates compared to other area berry farms? KC: Well, when I f