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Interview: It Takes a Village

Check out this audio interview (begins 16:45) with Liz Walker, co-founder of EcoVillage at Ithaca, It Takes a Village by Constant Wonder. Popping up around the globe, co-housing projects are communities intentionally designed to b

Exciting New Direction for LEARN: Gap Program

Exciting New Direction for LEARN: Gap Year  Program By Liz Walker It was the last day of a very full, five-day immersion experience for the ten students from SUNY Potsdam. The diverse group had bonded over cooking meals, learnin

WATER: More Valuable than Gold

by Julia Nelson A new approach to land stewardship at EVI With one environmental disaster after another circulating in the news, it is easy to see the dire impact that too much, or too little water can have on the environment. In

Landscape Architects Convene at EcoVillage

by Liz Walker On a warm Saturday in mid-September, twenty-five  people gathered for a day-long  advocacy Learning Event, held on-site at TREE, EcoVillage Ithaca (EVI) third neighborhood.  Before the day was over, it was clear t

Influencing Green Building Policy, Locally and Nationally

By Liz Walker Even as our nation pulls out of the Paris Climate Accord, the local response to mitigating climate change  has moved into high gear. It’s a fascinating time to be part of the energy transition to renewable ene

South SUP

By Liz Walker There is a pleasant din as dozens of people converse across  the long folding tables at the Southside Community Center gym. A woman walks by with a baby on her hip, her plate filled with Cajun shrimp, grits and sala

Net-Zero Workshop (November 6 & 7, 2017)

Want to Learn What it Takes to Achieve Net-Zero? professional workshop offered by Taitem Engineering, EcoVillage Ithaca, & US Green Building Council Monday, November 6, and Tuesday, November 7, 2017 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (eac

Ithaca Biodiversity Project

Ithaca Biodiversity Project Symbiosis: Nature and Youth Helping Each Other We’re excited to introduce a new educational program for Learn@EcoVillage. The Ithaca Biodiversity Project proposes to empower youth to help wildlife

West Haven Farmers Take a Well-deserved Break

Dear West Haven CSA members, We’ve been operating a CSA since 1992, wow!  It feels like a long time.  It IS a long time!  There’s a whole generation of West Haven CSA babies out there, some of them have grown up to work on

Want to Save Energy? Eat Together.

By Liz Walker (photo by Jim Bosjolie) Adriane Wolfe is an action-oriented entrepreneur. When she has a good idea, she pursues it with enthusiasm. For her master’s degree in energy systems engineering, she researched electri