First TREE Residents Move In

First TREE Residents Move In!

After six years of planning and building, the first 11 households  moved into their state-of-the-art energy efficient homes – seven in mid-September, and four more in late November, 2013 . “I’m thrilled to live in the first community of Passive House homes in the U.S., ” said Aubrey Entwood, home-schooling mother of two young sons. Aubrey and her husband Jim moved to Ithaca from Maine two years ago to help organize the TREE neighborhood.

The rest of the neighborhood of 40 homes anticipates more move-ins in March, May and July.  All homes are expected to be certified as LEED Platinum (the highest building standard of the U.S. Green Building Council), and seven are expected to be certified by the  Passive House Institute of U.S. – considered the most stringent building standard in the world.

Passive House homes save as much as 80-90% on heat and hot water compared to typical U.S. homes. They accomplish this through extremely energy efficient building techniques,  excellent windows and doors, and Energy Recovery Ventilators.

“I’m so glad to live here, ” said Luigi Morelli, an Italian writer and social worker. “I’ve been looking for community for a long time. This is a dream come true.”