Guys Baking Pies – 2017

Some photos from EcoVillage’s oldest annual event – since 1997!

Pie baking begins with assembling your ingredients

It is nice to have help in doing this.












And it is always good to pass instructions down to the next generation











But any age can get involved


Hi tech equipment is used at all times


And good measurement is essential


It is always fun to have others around for company (and advice)


Once baked, the pies are placed on the serving island to cool


Some bakers like to decorate their crusts


And everyone gives his name and pie ingredients


Pie makers gleefully carve up the pies into pieces for the hungry hoards waiting

But first there are presentation of pies to the group waiting

This is a wildly popular event which is attended by many (Could free dessert be a reason?)


Then all pie makers take their pies out the main entrance and in through the side entrance under a canopy of those waiting who hum the tune ‘Pomp and Circumstance.’


And now the money shot (or should one say the pie shot). Here is the ‘official’ Guys Baking Pies photo for 2017. Congratulations to all. The audience just eats this stuff up (so to speak).