Ithaca Biodiversity Project

Ithaca Biodiversity Project
Symbiosis: Nature and Youth Helping Each Other

We’re excited to introduce a new educational program for Learn@EcoVillage. The Ithaca Biodiversity Project proposes to empower youth to help wildlife and our planet, at a local level, through establishing native habitat for birds, butterflies and other wildlife.

Many young people are deeply concerned about the precarious condition of earth, natural systems and wildlife.  With climate disruption, habitat destruction, loss of biodiversity and pollution, youth face a rapidly changing, uncertain world. Many children and teens earnestly want to help protect and conserve our planet and its amazing biodiversity, but lack necessary skills and resources.

The Symbiosis program will reach out, educate and engage young people – especially disadvantaged and low-income youth – to make a positive, tangible, environmental impact in our area.  Symbiosis will also provide publicly accessible land/space, tools, plants and training, empowering youth to establish high value, vibrant habitat for residential and migratory wildlife.

Experienced environmental educator Stacey Smith will coordinate the program, which will involve approximately 50 local youth, ages 7-18 in planting and establishing 5 large habitat plots with over 1,100 native wildflowers, grasses, ferns, shrubs and trees.  Youth and additional volunteers will participate in a series of work days to create these plots on mowed, degraded and, or denuded land.  The plan is to work together from March –  September, while building knowledge, skills and passion. Symbiosis will grow friendships, community and hope.

Stacey is currently seeking funding to get Symbiosis launched this Spring. In early February, you will have the opportunity to help this program win a $10,000 grant from Kind Causes by voting for it. We’ll send you a request the first week in February. Stay tuned!