Resilient Earth Corps

Practical Skill Building for Personal, Community, and Planetary resilience

We offer programs to enable young adults to lead a life of passion and commitment to personal well being, social justice and environmental sustainability. Read below for more details.

US Domestic Earth-based Skills Training in Resilience 

We are living out of balance. The Covid-19 crisis is simply the most recent indicator. In order to live fully and resiliently, we must first engage in the great work of our time: responding to the Earth’s call for healing and regeneration. 

A resilient Earth is one in which living systems are in balance.

Resilient Earth Corps members are helping to restore the balance.

Join us for a deep dive into the real world skills of resiliency. From art & activism to cooperative living to permaculture design to regenerative agriculture, build resilience within yourself, your community, and the planet.  These are the skills which will support a resilient future for us all. 

Are you ready to join the Corps and engage in the Great Work of our time ?

Three 3-week long structured modules with a group of up to 10 participants. You can do one, two, or all three programs. 

Module 1: Be Local  – Aug 16 – Sept 5, 2020*

Module 2: Be Bioregional – Sept 6 – 26, 2020*

Module 3: Be Global – Sept 27 – Oct 17, 2020*  

*Due of Covid-19, dates are subject to change*





When you join one of our trainings,  you will be living, working, and learning alongside others who share your passion and drive, your desire for a healthy planet, your commitment to being the change you wish to see in the world.  At the end of your training, you will receive Resilient Earth Corps certification and join a growing movement of people responding to the Earth’s call for healing, regeneration, and restoration of balance.  


“The Resilient Earth experience was honestly life-changing. I feel so much more confident as a person. I now feel that I actually have something to offer.”

You will experience first-hand what it means to live in community with a strong connection to the natural world and where communication and service are among the most important aspects of your time here.  You’ll live, cook and eat together (respecting social distancing),  and spend time outdoors gaining the skills you need to live resiliently so that you can be in service to the one planet we call home!

Resilient Earth Corps is for you if:

  • You want to be part of a movement for social and environmental change.

  • You want to live in greater balance with the natural world and with respect for all people.

  • You are taking time to find out more about the world and your place in it.

  • You want to learn skills and apply them to work for positive change on behalf of the planet.

  • You want to live a more balanced and healthy life.

  • You are curious about intentional community and low carbon living.

  • You want to be a part of service corps.

Kids having fun on a summer day at the EcoVillage pond.

The Resilient Earth Corps is a movement of people, committed to working on behalf of change in this time of increasing chaos and natural disruption. We are skilled and in action, committed to taking steps – small and large – to enhance our own resilience, the resilience of our communities, and the resilience of Earth herself.  We are growing our own food, building community wherever we are, and supporting a mutually enhancing human – Earth relationship for the planet.

We welcome young people, ages 18+.  High school graduates, college students, students taking a gap year, recent college graduates and post graduates.  Anyone looking for more direction and a way to make a difference in the world and to the health of the planet.  Anyone looking for more life skills, job skills, career skills.  Anyone in-between, in a transition time in your life, the time is now! 

Come live and learn with us!

Photo by Frank Muller

“Thank you for this incredible experience. It has given me hope for the future!”

You will:

  • Live your days with a focus on the health and well-being of your self, community, and planet.

  • Plan meals, cook and eat locally harvested foods in community.

  • Spend lots of time outdoors, including working on our local organic farms.

  • Learn a wide variety of practical skills for living more lightly on the planet.

  • Learn conscious communication skills, and how to resolve challenges that arise when people live together as part of an intentional community.

  • Explore activism and movement building for positive change.

  • Have fun and expand your circle of friends.

“Earth Resilience was a great experience.  It opened me up to other people and showed me what is possible. Spending time at the EcoVillage gave me a new appreciation for the power of community!”




Some of the Skills you will Learn:

Connecting with Self

Yoga, body movement

Meditation, mindfulness

The “Work That Reconnects”; transforming grief into action

Awakening the Dreamer

Telling your Story

Decolonizing your thinking

Poetry, creative expression

Reflection, active listening

Healthy habits for life

Connecting with Community 

Cultural Competency

Diversity Training 

Understanding Intersectionality 

Ecovillage Design

Cooperative living

NVC / Conscious Communication

Conflict resolution


Community Resilience 

Art, ritual and celebration

Anti-racism / social justice

Indigenous wisdom traditions

Food/meal preparation

Self governance, facilitation skills


Movement building

Connecting with the Earth


Earth skills

Deep Ecology

Permaculture design & ethics

Regenerative agriculture

Wilderness education

Food systems

Natural building, structures

Outdoor leadership skills


Deep Listening / Land listening 

Nature Connection 

A moment of reflection in one of the Common Room areas.

At the end of your time, you will have a deeply expanded sense of what it means to be resilient, to live in relationship with both the human and non-human world, to be a part of a community dedicated to a vision of justice and repair, and to apply your talents and skills to work for positive change in the world.

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