175 Acres, 100 Homes, 220 Residents

EcoVillage currently includes two 30-home cohousing neighborhoods, FROG and SONG, with a third 40-home cohousing neighborhood, TREE, completed in 2015.  With a total of 100 homes, this is the largest cohousing community in the world! Our residents include about 160 adults and 60 children, living as families, singles and couples. We range in age from infants to octogenarians. About a fifth of our residents are retired, and another fifth are stay-at-home parents. The remaining residents work in very diverse roles, including farmers, software engineers, nurses, teachers, writers, builders, musicians, legal and financial professionals, college professors and more. The village is also home to an organic CSA vegetable farm, an organic CSA/U-Pick berry farm, office spaces for entrepreneurs, a neighborhood root cellar, community gardens, and meadows, ponds and woodlands. Over 80% of the 175 acre site is planned to remain green space, including 50 acres in a conservation easement held by the Finger Lakes Land Trust.