Match Charter High School visits EcoVillage Ithaca from Boston MA

Match Charter High School Students in the Song Common House30 friendly, hardworking, and ultimately inspired,  students from Match Charter High School visited EcoVillage at Ithaca. The sophomores from this Boston urban public school spent time helping on the Kestrel Perch Berry Farm, learning about the Groundswell Incubator farm, and touring the neighborhoods of EcoVillage.

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Experiencing a college town and rural lifestyle, and exploring students’ interest in social justice, were some of the intentions of this four-day class trip to Ithaca, NY, explained Emily Wheeler, Match Trip Coordinator. The students also toured Cornell, Ithaca College , the Museum of the Earth and more. The energy level was high, and the team spirit strong throughout their visit.

Thanks to Katie Creeger for hosting the farm service project, and to Rafael Aponte, Damon Brangman and Devon Van Noble for speaking about  farming from food justice, business management, and personal perspectives.

Together with Olivia Armstrong of the Rainbow Healing Arts Center,  EcoVillage residents Ray Stiefel and Elan Shapiro, and Learn@EcoVillage staff Joanna Green and Sara Culotta, the students prepared a delicious dinner of homemade pizza, green salad and apple crisp. Great dinnertime conversation was shared in a relaxing community atmosphere.

As they prepared to depart for evening activities at Cornell, everyone reflected on what they were taking with them from the visit. A few of the inspiring student comments during the go-round:

  • “We CAN save the planet.”
  • “Farming is hard work.”
  • “Farming takes a lot of smarts and knowledge.”
  • “Smaller can be better.”
  • “A community is different from a neighborhood.”

Thank you students of Match Charter High School, for visiting EcoVillage Ithaca. Our future is brighter knowing you’re our leaders of tomorrow!