New Energy in SoNG

Article by Jim Bosjolie

In the past few months five households have changed ownership in SoNG which has brought new enthusiasm into the neighborhood and led to new thinking and exciting ideas. These include additional (and delicious) common meals, leadership and energy.

One visible way this energy is manifesting is in the refreshing and refocusing of the Common House dining room. New residents noticed that the FROG CH dining room seemed more homey and welcoming, while the SoNG CH appeared more pedestrian and unfinished.  So efforts are now under way to change all that.  These changes include new hanging plants on the ceiling, new baskets in place of metal reflectors for hanging lights, real wooden table tops added to the folding tables and the addition of a cozy sitting nook in one corner.   All this is just the beginning, as these new residents envision window curtains with tree branches containing miniature lights, a painting party in the spring to refresh and repair the walls and new paintings and pictures on these walls.  All this is designed to create a relaxing, homey atmosphere that will lead to lingering conversations after dinner and a sense of community. And that is part of what EcoVillage is all about.

Construction of possible wooden table tops similar to FROG

Trying out new curtains with mini lights


New basket hanging lights replace metal reflectors and add warmth.


Cozy conversation nook in dining room invites people to linger after dinner.


Adding fabric feet to dining room chairs makes the room much quieter while dining.