Reconnecting in a Cohousing Community

Written by Anna Lebedeva

Moving to the EcoVillage Ithaca in New York was one of the best decisions Laura Beck ever made.

“We have ponds to swim in and to ice skate on in winter. We have walking trails running all over our land, and you can go cross-country skiing in winter right from your back door here,” says Laura.

“When I lived in mainstream America, I drove to my garage and rarely saw my neighbors. I know everything about the people in my neighborhood here. The way that people engage is different. We support each other.

Laura moved to the ecovillage in 2001 from Austin, Texas where she had a busy life working in TV production.

It is one of the bigger cohousing communities consisting of three neighborhoods with 30-40 households each. About a fifth of the residents are retirees while the rest include a diverse mix of stay-at-home parents, farmers, teachers, academics, and legal and financial professionals. All residents volunteer two to three hours every week contributing to the smooth running of the community and maintain active control of their life.

Laura says that the neighborhoods in the EcoVillage feel warm and cozy.

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