Sparkfest: EcoVillage Celebrates the Arts

fireworksA cold, dark windy day in January suddenly explodes with light: SPARKFEST has happened once again in EcoVillage. Sparkfest is an exaltation of the human spirit that cannot be denied by cold, snow or darkness and erupts into a riot of color, laughter and music.  It is a one day festival staged by the community that celebrates the unique spirit and creativity of its members and holds back the night.

Begun in 2009 and built on an evening of performances for and by adults and children called the EcoVillage Follies, Sparkfest expanded that venue to include a gallery of visual arts in the afternoon. Exciting and unique acts and presentations have occurred since then including demonstrations of paper crane making and electric bike riding. For a few years there was even an act involving a spoof of village emails.

More recently, culinary arts participation has been added organically as people came to realize that cooks are artists too.

hor dourvesSparkfest art

afternoon gallery included all manner of visual expressive arts including photos, paintings, watercolors, drawing, jewelry and more by adults and children alike.  The evening talent show featured songs, poems, videos, music making and much more created by both adults and children. They  delighted the senses and brought a smile to everyone’s face. 

It was cold, dark and snowy at EcoVillage on January 25th, but only on the outside. Inside was  laughter, light and love.

parent and child singing12-sparkfest

kids drawings at Sparkfest