Spring Tree Planting at EcoVillage

Twice a year for the last seven years, the Land Partnership Committee has invited Akiva Silver, a local nurseryman, to help residents plant a variety of trees on the 175 acres of EcoVillage property.


This spring Akiva instructed residents and friends on how to plant tupelo trees and aronia and elderberry bushes


We begin by digging a hole of about a foot or so deep and planting the seedling


then surrounding it with compost


Here we have a proud tree planter with faithful canine companion

Next a protective cardboard top is placed over the plant.

Then mulch is added on top of this


and a wire mesh is put on top to prevent it from being eaten by wild animals

A ground pounder is used to hammer in a metal stake to which the wire mesh will be attached. Note: This action can be LOUD. No dog’s ears were injured in the course of this activity.

Plantings continue rapidly with many volunteers using materials already in place.

Some of the implements used in the plantings.