Thanksgiving at EcoVillage Ithaca

Our co-created Thanksgiving community dinner is an EcoVillage Ithaca tradition. This year’s was especially lovely as new TREE residents joined in. Tag football, singing, a reading of the Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address, and board games added to the celebration.

Planning and preparations for the harvest meal began well before the event, as people signed up in the Common House to prepare different side dishes and desserts.  Free Range Organic turkey and a Tofurky turkey (for vegans) were ordered and cooking started early on Thursday.

Meanwhile Doug Shire led a pre-dinner game of tag football (another tradition), and volunteers set up the Frog Common House dining room so that the usually individual tables formed a connected U-shape, creating a more communal dining experience.

At 4:30 residents, along with their families, friends and their contributions to the meal, started to arrive from all three neighborhoods. Dinner began at 5:00 with a pre-dinner song, “Satisfied Mind,” performed by resident Joe Crookston. Susan Wolfe read the Native American Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address. Tables were given numbers and diners were called up according to their numbers, the children’s table having the first choice of the feast. A lavish dessert spread followed the dinner.

Residents and friends lingered for conversation and board games well into the evening. Much gratitude was expressed for one another,  and the shared life of the community.