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The education arm of the EcoVillage at Ithaca, known as LEARN@EcoVillage, has a new name and identity!  We are now the Thrive Ithaca EcoVillage Education Center.  We have a new look and logo as well as a new website. Visit our new website --- !!!

Despite the changes in appearance, Thrive is still committed to the same important values which LEARN had been pursuing and promoting throughout its history.  But after 25 years we felt it was time to reimagine ourselves and refresh our mission in order to stay current in addressing today’s challenges.

Thrive’s mission is to inspire people to take action on behalf of themselves, on behalf of their communities, and on behalf of our planet.  We do this in close collaboration with the Ithaca EcoVillage where we are based, and we continue to support and run the educational programs and activities of the EcoVillage.